Hello and welcome to Dabbe2.com – the go to site for newbies to gain fundamental SEO knowledge to give them the best possible head-start in the search-engines.

The internet has literally billions of websites. Millions of people have started their own sites with the hopes of reaching the top of the search engines for their keywords but only a very small persistent minority actually make it anywhere close to the top.

Many people lack the basic SEO skill sets that are required for ranking with today’s algorithms. The old school tactics of just placing your link of any old site doesn’t work anymore. If you build links from spammy domains, the bottom line is that Google will penalise you and your website will get de-indexed.

Getting your website de-indexed is very bad. It basically means that you’ll never rank on Google with that domain ever again.

Many people come into the internet space and have their eyes opened up to the amazing opportunities that are actually available to them but the sheer amount of content out there can be very over-whelming for someone that is just starting out online. What makes things even worse is that there is an abundance of conflicting information as well as misleading information, especially with regards to search engine optimisation.

I’m sure you’ve seen this before “if you want to rank in google, keep your site updated with fresh, quality content”. This is bullshit. It doesn’t work.

This website has been created to provide SEO that works for newbies in the internet space. Here you will find techniques that you can implement without any technical knowledge that will boost your website’s presence in the search engines and elsewhere.

There is a lot to learn when it comes to SEO. It is a very complex subject but on Dabbe2, we breakdown all the information into easily digestible, bite-sized chunks.