Building Passive Income Streams Through SEO

Ahh, passive income.

In my opinion, the sweetest two words in the glorious English dictionairy.

Today i’m going to show you girls how you can leverage the awesome power of SEO to build websites that generate passive income streams for you.That’s a website that makes money for you in your sleep!

Before you start making “get rich quick scheme” assumptions, hear me out. I’m not talking about pressing a few buttons and printing money from the magic money tree. I’m referring to the thousands of people who’ve created long-term financial assets by leveraging the incredible power of passive income ideas we all have available to us.

Many of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs accumulate wealth from passive income streams.

You see, contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t take thousands of dollars to start a business. Heck, you can get started for a few hudred dollars in some cases.

Freelancers do this all the time. They discover that they can do the same job they currently do in an office but earn more money and work around their schedule, so they sign up for freelance job boards and start taking on clients. Now, i’m at risk of making things sound too easy here and that’s not my goal.

Look – anything you do on your own will be really tough at the start. There’s lots of competition in every field of work. Any worthwhile achievement takes hard work and a certain level of dedication. But I wanted to highlight the amazing opportunities we all have in this crazy digital world we’re all living in.

To kick thing off, let’s define passive income:

So, what is passive income?

In it’s most simple form, passive income is money that is earned without requiring consistent work. In other words, you put in a heap of work once and you reap the rewards for months, if not years to come. This means that at the start, it’s definitely not passive at all! You’ll be slaving away creating a masterpiece that’s worthy of ranking on the first page of Google. But once you’ve completed this work and successfully promoted it, you can enjoy some of that sweet passive income yummy goodness!

How does it relate to SEO?

Passive income streams relate to SEO because organic search is one of the most effective long-term methods for building passive income. It can be quite cost-effective too if you’re willing to put a fair amount of time into it. I love SEO because we all have the opportunity to compete with big brands and rank for keywords that make us ALOT of money. What’s not to like?!

A typical example of a passive income business that could be started quite easily would be affiliate marketing. I always bring things back to affiliate marketing because it’s hands-down one of the most hands-off business models you can operate under.

Going back to the example, Gemma is slightly obsessed with cooking mexican food. She spends her spare time knocking up incredible … Read more...

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