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Why CTR Is One Of The Most Important Google Ranking Factors

Click-Through Rate. One of Google’s biggest ranking factors. Search engine traffic is the holy grail of website traffic. It’s the traffic with the most buyer-intent. People that are searching for something are looking for an answer to a question or problem.

This may come as a surprise to you but the organic CTR of your post can mean the difference between ranking at the bottom and the top of the first page in Google.

This is huge.

According to a recent case study completed by Digital Relevance, observed that the top organic search engine results gets an average of an 18% CTR. This is compared to a measly average of around 2% for the last few results on the first page. I’m sure you can see the significance of this!

This can easily be the difference between having a profitable online business as opposed to one that is failing.

Google determines your rankings based on a variety of ranking factors like backlinks, on-page SEO and social shares. However Google also takes into account the amount of clicks your post is generating.

So lets delve into some juicy details on Google’s CTR ranking factor:

Google compares your SERP CTR with the average CTR it should be getting and if your site isn’t getting the clicks to match the average CTR, they’ll drop you like a stone. This is because Google perceives your website as not providing value for the keyword you’re ranking for due to the lower than average CTR.

Google assumes that your results isn’t a good fit for that particular keyword.

On the other side of the coin, lets say that you’re ranking number 5. The average CTR for this position is around 3%. If you’re site is getting significantly more clicks that average, Google will assume that everyone want to see your result and can bump up your position all the way to the top. This can been proven in various case studies done where hundreds of people clicked on one particular result in the SERP and observed that it would drastically improve in rankings within a few HOURS.

But how can you ethically get more clicks for my result if it’s at the bottom of page 1?

Its simple. Use the CTR Magnet Method (one i’ve borrowed from the link building titan Brian Dean!)

So here is the step-by-step process to implementing the CTR Magnet Method:

  1. Find Adwords ads relevant to your keyword. Adwords advertisers spend thousands on advertising to get the most clicks possible, making them a gold mine of tried and tested ad copy that produces great CTR results.
  2. Include most relevant words and phrases from Adwords ads in your title and description tag.
  3. Get more clicks.

This strategy can dramatically improve you CTR and give your rankings that extra boost it needs to really grab a significant chunk of traffic for your targeted search terms.


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