why seo is crucial for your online business

Why SEO Is Crucial For Your Online Business [Infographic]

Search engine optimisation continues to be the most powerful way to generate leads and sales in your online business. Search traffic has been proven time and time again to convert the best. The winners in the online business world are the ones who are able to generate a high amount of targeted traffic to their website.

Every type of online business can benefit hugely from optimising their SEO strategy.

Plenty of businesses spend way too much time on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, platforms that don’t convert anywhere near as well as organic traffic does. These platforms can be great for from a brand awareness perspective but in terms of converting visitors into customers, organic traffic is the king.

The Ultimate Combination

I truly believe that one of the most powerful strategies when it comes to online business is combining amazing content with a robust SEO strategy. Content marketing is extremely powerful when done correctly and coupled with the right outreach strategies, you have the potential to discover what viral marketing really means.

This infographic from SEO Marketing Pro, illustrates the power of organic search compared to other forms of online traffic.

This basic infographic highlights how much of a difference your rankings can really make. The difference between the first and last result on the same page is kinda crazy!

It’s no surprise that there is crazy competition for the number one spot in Google when you consider the amount of traffic it receives.

If you’ve been checking out this post and don’t actually have an online business then what are you waiting for?

There couldn’t be a better time to get started.

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  1. Wow I actually didn’t realise that organic search converted the best out of all forms of traffic. I always thought social media referral traffic performed better, especially with the likes of Pinterest and instagram. Oh how wrong I was, thanks for the little write up!

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